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My name is Karol Kosc. I live and work in Dublin.
I do graphic design. All of it.
I have spent the last 10 years brushing up my skills in all fields relating to design.
From small gigs to full scale campaigns for major brands. From simple creation of logos to 3D animations.

I have expanded on my background in traditional art to explore the realms of 3D modelling, futuristic design concepts and advanced animations.

I specialize in digital art, print, video editing, illustration and animations.
My designs and visuals have been used in large scale productions at Heineken, Diageo, UEFA and many more.

I am a graphic designer and a musician both by trade and passion.
Since school days there was always alot of music around me and I was taking part in many projects from punk through ska to folk and metal, both music and graphics art are inseparable elements in my life.
Passion for Creativity.

Latest work

The winning video for a Yahoo - Aviate competition with Ishka Films


We work with great brands. Close partnerships with really cool clients let us do world-class work.

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karol kosc graphic webdesign animation videoCreativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes Art is knowing which ones to keepkarol kosc graphic webdesign animation video

- Richard Johnson -


We help build products from idea to launch. We're experts at branding, design, animations, web & mobile design & frontend. Here's some of my work.

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